Charas Hash

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Produced by a careful rubbing of the female buds in the hands. The resin rolls in the chopping spheres, before being sent, are pressed into conventional plates. Color: black outside, dark green/brown inside. Smell: spicy and very spicy.
Distinctive aroma. Taste: very hot, a little spicy in the throat, but definitely less than the Afghani. Sequence: very sweet, can be easily mixed as Afghani. Sometimes quite sweet, even if still tight. Effect: very rocky and physical. Cerebral.
Potential: powerful, very strong. Like the Nepalese, Charas almost always smokes well. (10-26% THC) Availability: Very rarely, very small quantities become available from time to time. Most hashes of this type are imported by private travelers in India. As expected, the price in the Nepal region is very high. Charas is usually sold as a “finger”, a piece of hashish in the form of sausage.