How long does THC stay in your body?

Drug tests vary slightly, so this article describes recommendations and general facts about the various drug tests; take the information carefully. Most people want to know exactly how long marijuana remains in the system so they can be tested for medications. Despite all the information, we’ll give you the best way to find out if your system contains marijuana when you take a drug test on yourself. You can easily get THC urine at a low cost.

How long does THC stay in your body?

How long does THC stay in your body? | Buy Green Weed Online
How long does THC stay in your body? | Buy Green Weed Online

To determine how long marijuana remains in your body, it depends on how often you use it. If this happens once every two months or even once a week, there is probably no accumulation in the body, which means that marijuana will leave the system in a few days. However, if you consume a lot or often marijuana, a month or more, you may need to make sure that marijuana is no longer detected in your system. Always be careful


Saliva tests are not performed with the highest frequency of urine tests, but it is important to note that these tests show positive results within an hour of being smoked. However, a positive test for saliva continues about 12 hours after the last smoke, which greatly facilitates urinalysis.


An anti-drug test is the most commonly used method, so it’s important to know how to handle it. It also has a longer detection time than the saliva test and is inexpensive to perform. In urine tests, weight, body fat, amount of marijuana and how often you have used marijuana, determine how long the TGC will remain in the urine.

After only a few hours of your last smoke, THC will appear in your urine. Without weight gain or body fat, a person who has consumed marijuana only once in their life will have a positive urine test for 1-6 days. While a rare user is displayed for 7-14 days, a frequent user for 2 weeks or more and a powerful user for a month or more. The longest person will be between 40 and 90 days after departure. This applies only to heavier smokers.

Technically, urine tests for THC metabolites instead of THC itself, because they are much more visible in your system. The difference is that THC is an active ingredient that makes you feel tall. On the other hand, the THC or THC-COOH metabolites are chemicals that are formed when the liver destroys THC. It stays much longer than the THC itself.


Blood tests are most often used when authorities need to determine if a person who has caused a car accident is affected. They show the current effects of marijuana on your body – because they actually measure the amount of active THC in your blood.


THC will not appear in the hair until a week after the last marijuana smoke. However, if you have a doping test in your hair, it will most likely be tested in the last 90 days. This means that if you smoked in the last three months, the test would be positive. This test method is usually imprecise because sometimes THC is not even attached to the hair follicle and does not talk about drug use during the last week.

THC absorption when eating

If you use marijuana, the effects of THC are very different. THC does not work for several hours after consuming a product made with marijuana and active THC levels are reduced within 25 hours. In contrast, it took 50 hours for the THC metabolites to fall below detectable levels.
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